my flesh and my heart faileth, but God is my strength and my portion for ever
// 2:15 am

i've taken a penchant to blogging late at night. this might just cause me the right to internet-rights in the house but meh. whatever comes, come what may.

piano tmr morning, must wake up to call lyekuen to ask what time to arrive at her place. i totally forgot what time. on the other hand, i made a trip down to Music On The Move at Hurstville to search for my AMEB Sixth Grade Piano List D scores. found a few songs to try out at home and practise before the real deal comes up end of this year. i also bought a 2006 best hits score book. might just use them for my extra pieces, i need 2 of them. in total, here's what i have to play for the exam:
-List A : HELLER, Stephen [Istvan] Poco maestoso, No. 15 from etudes faciles Op.45
-List B : BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van Rondo in A major, WoO 49
-List C : MENDELSSOHN(-BARTHOLDY), (Jakob Ludwig) Felix, Lied ohne Worte, No. 2 from Lieder ohne Worte Op. 19b
and List D i have yet to decide and two pieces of my own playing.

ooh, heard that the lastest final fantasy game will be out on the 22nd of feb, not too mention also the next harry potter installment on the 22nd of july? not too sure on the hp one. my money can just grow wings and fly off...

today didn't eat well and my stomach was in constant upset. ouchies.

dan radcliffe actually has a bod. [LINK] woo..

big pile up on my desk and i'm not willing to clean it up.

i was supposed to work today apparently. oh well, make up on friday.

and i finally sorted out my uni situation. all i have to do now is to sign a form and send it to UoW. and now i can rest at ease.

i'm eyeing some stuff in miranda. probably will buy them on my next pay check,
-Jay Jays vest, $39
-EITHER Jay Jays flat leather ankle boots $39 OR Kmart flat leather ankle boots $29.95
-Icon Wooden ring, $14.95
-Icon Goldfish Necklace $14.95
-EITHER Jay Jays sling bag $15 OR Cotton On sling bag $13

i'm trying to reach a thou in my bank acct. i'm nearly there.

i was actually selected to be in the teens and youth committee for the upcoming church camp. pray for me, hopefully everything will go smoothly and hopefully, god-willing, more campers will come for camp. all in god's timing.

i'm awaiting loads of mail.

lightning nearly struck our car in hurstville, soo close that the parked car on our right, its security siren actually went off. scary shiats...

//Wednesday, February 07, 2007 1:51 am

"why are you up so late?"

"...because i've got inconsiderate friends."

"so you want to be like them? up so late?"

"...i don't want to...yet, i need them."

"you call them friends. hmrph."

he storms off with a lot more words,

but that bit just throws me off.

//Tuesday, February 06, 2007 6:00 pm

amelia's selling her electronic piano. i wanna buy it but it's $1100, eventhough it's a discount down from a $1800. gotta persuade my parents! would be great stuff if i could get it, then i can play all i want on the piano at home.

mm, i will be pausing in the frequency in ebaying, let my bank account recuperate. hehe..

not to mention my university life is aout to start, gotta use money for studies and all..

this few weeks got a lot planned up. before i surrender myself to all-study, minimal-play.
6th feb (tues)- outing with danni sarah and steph
7th feb (wed)- beach with shirley?
10th feb (sat)- jacqui's bday party + carmens after
16th feb (fri)- Chinese New Year market outing with asians, dixon st and maybe karaoke after
19th feb (mon)- orientation day in UoW
21st feb (wed)- enrolment day for Faculty of Science under grads
23rd feb (fri)- closure to orientation week UoW

UAC should be burned, seriously. they totally stuffed up my enrolment to UoW. supposed to send me a letter, my Offer of Admission to UoW, and i doubt they even did. eventhough they denied all charges. -fumes- can't do much now. just gotta go to enrolment day and go through all the headaches involved. sigh.

went out today with sarah, danni and jono, steph and sarah's friend reese. sold off my pair of flats to sarah for $10, couldn't fit into them eventhough they printed 36 on the sole. oh well, =) we then went around buying a present for JR. can't divulge any info in case JR reads this =P. did do a little retail, got myself an agent ninety-nine halter dress in black for a cool $20 marked down from $79.95. went to jay jays and got this pair of cool polka dot bow earrings for $5. both the dress and the earrings are gonna be worn to JR's. wonder how i'm gonna do my hair that night. and the earrings, so cute! matches my polka dot shoes. ahah!